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A Network That will Build Along The Eastern Ontario Corridor

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What Is Eastern Ontario Corridor Innovation Vision For Your Future.

The Eastern Ontario Innovation Corridor is a multi-district, innovation network spanning Durham to Frontenac that will drive exponential growth and economic impact across Eastern Ontario. This initiative creates a program-centric network of equals that will bring together existing and future innovation assets into a shared network that is focused on local community interests. In addition, it will attract seasoned startups, both on and off-shore, and bring world-class talent from innovation ecosystems such as Silicon Valley, South America, China, and the Middle East.

By doing so consistently, we will improve the visibility of the Durham Region Innovation District and participating districts along the Corridor, thereby creating a positive cycle of attracting startups and talent to the regions, creating exponential growth, and helping to reshape the regions’ future.

Increase NUMBERS

Increase the number of companies in high-tech industries

Fill The

Fill a geographical gap between Toronto, Waterloo and Ottawa


Increase regional collaboration and standardization


Increase access to support for companies in the Eastern Ontario region

Reduce Commute

Reduce commuter traffic outside of the region

Benefits for Durham & Eastern Ontario Programming

Matchmaking focused

Our programs connect industry/municipal challenges with matching innovation products to strengthen market acceleration of innovations coming out of the region.


utilizing contributions from private partners, public sector stakeholders, investors and in-kind contributors to magnify the revenue of our startups and the value to their customers.

World-Class innovation

in Eastern Ontario, combining conventional incubation and acceleration programming with top-notch speakers and mentors from Silicon Valley, and other first-class sources of advisory and coaching.

Local Gateway

for global talents, through the Canadian Startup Visa Program, we will enable municipalities in Durham Region and Eastern Ontario to receive foreign startups and seasoned talent, thereby increasing the relevance of the region to local startups and talent.

Vetting and selective pipeline,

will create the means for prioritizing startups that demonstrate greater readiness to outreach clients, conduct business and improve the likelihood of accelerated returns to the districts within the corridor, providing greater ROI on investments made.


In order to make sure each municipality and partner have visibility and participation in the steering process of the EOIC, the initiative will have a separate governing body in the form of a “Board”.

The Board will oversee decisions pertinent to the programs run, challenges selected, startups vetted and soft-landed in the municipalities, making sure that the distribution of the portfolio is in compliance with the expected metrics set on a yearly basis.

Municipalities, industry partners, and other stakeholders will have a vote proportional to their equity, which can be acquired through seed funding, in-kind contributions, investment and the commitment of resources to the overall initiative.

Eastern Ontario Innovation Corridor

Head Office

EOIC Head Office
2 Simcoe Street South, Suite 300
Oshawa, ON. L1H 8C1 Canada