PARO Collaboration

to support application for funding, program development and/or other initiatives that would benefit women entrepreneurs

Provincial/National Introductions

Introductions to provincial and/or national connections to contribute to strengthening the Eastern ON Ecosystem for women entrepreneurs

AVRO Business Accelerator

90 day program to launch pre-revenue and early startups with less than $10,000 in revenues. Sessions are held weekly

Propel Mastermind Program

1 year program to assist revenue generating firms get to their first $100,000 in revenues. Provides access to one on one advisor and group mentoring in non competitive cohorts of […]

Elevate Mentor Protege Program

2 year program for firms at $100,000+ in revenue with the goals to get them to their first $1 million+ in revenues. Provides access to one on one Advisor and […]

(Personal) Financial Literacy Program

This is a 90 day program with ongoing support. Firms undergoe 90 days of structured education in all things personal finance. Firms are given a 90 day class structure based […]

Eastern Ontario Innovation Corridor

Head Office

EOIC Head Office
2 Simcoe Street South, Suite 300
Oshawa, ON. L1H 8C1 Canada