Tourism Information Signs

Provides successful applicants the opportunity to promote their businesses on either a Large or Small Regional Sign over a 4-year term. Applicants must complete an application form and email it […]

Ontario PowerGen: IESO

Opportunity for businesses that can support in developing energy/power solutions and continue to reduce the amount of energy that businesses in S.D.G. consume as it is already below average

Regional Offerings

Advanced communication and transportation systems, available development sites and facilities, skilled labour, established research and training facilities, government tax and banking support, proximity to North America’s richest markets

Date My County

One successful applicant can apply to live in S.D.G and will receive $1500 per month for 12 consecutive months to live in SDG

Facebook Page

A Facebook page that focuses on Tourism in S.D.G. and provides information to Tourism Information, grants, etc.

Access to Funding

cost-effective funding program that suits each business’s needs. Book a no pressure consultation at no cost.

Eastern Ontario Innovation Corridor

Head Office

EOIC Head Office
2 Simcoe Street South, Suite 300
Oshawa, ON. L1H 8C1 Canada