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Quantum Leaps Career Conference – Neuroscience

June 25 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

This is a career conference event for high school girls to interact with women professionals in STEM and learn about science careers.

SCWIST Quantum Leaps is a virtual career conference uniquely designed for girls from grades 8-12 interested in or curious to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). This conference gives girls a glimpse into what women in STEM fields do in their careers.

During these events, girls can meet women professionals who have been successful in their STEM fields and meet other like-minded girls who have similar aspirations and interests. This event will help them know more about the STEM fields they are interested in and discover new STEM fields. Quantum Leaps also aims to aid students in the transition between high school and higher education.

This particular Quantum Leaps event will focus on women professionals working in careers related to Neuroscience. Within neuroscience, topics such as studying how songbirds learn their songs, and their neural underpinnings will be discussed. Another focus involves learning and memory in rodents, as well as perception and memory in brain damaged individuals. A third focus will be clinical trials and the effectiveness of medical interventions, as well as medical writing.

Did these professionals in neuroscience have a fixed plan for what they would like to do five years after high school? How do they ease into changing their career focus? Did they know that they wanted to pursue these careers when they were in university? Girls will get the opportunity to interact with these women to get the answers they need at the event.


  • 6:00-6:25: Speaker 1 and Q&A session
  • 6:25-6:50: Speaker 2 and Q&A session
  • 6:50-7:00 Conclusion


Dr. Payal Arya

Payal is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at Bentley University, where she is immersed in studying diverse business models within the pharmaceutical industry. She holds a Doctorate in Biology, with my doctoral research focusing on the intricate dynamics of protein-protein interactions in human cells.

Previously, during her tenure at Wellesley College, she explored the fascinating world of songbirds, particularly how they learn songs from their parents—a process analogous to how human infants acquire language from their parents. This research delved into the neural underpinnings of learning multiple songs in birds, shedding light on potential parallels in human language acquisition.

Throughout her academic journey, she has been committed to continuous learning, consistently broadening her research scope to encompass various topics that bridge biological sciences and business. This multidisciplinary approach not only enriches her knowledge but also enhances her ability to contribute uniquely to each field she explores.

Natasha Campbell

Natasha Campbell is a clinical trialist with over 10 years experience in the industry. Her roles have ranged from Clinical Research Coordinator, to Clinical Trials Manager, to Medical Writer. The field of clinical trials involves conducting research studies to evaluate the safety, efficacy, and effectiveness of medical interventions, including drugs, devices, and treatments, in human subjects. These trials are typically conducted in phases, starting with small groups to assess safety and dosage (Phase I), followed by larger groups to evaluate efficacy and side effects (Phase II), and then even larger groups to confirm effectiveness, monitor adverse reactions, and compare with standard treatments (Phase III). The field is highly regulated to ensure ethical standards and the protection of participants’ rights and well-being.The field of clinical trials offers a wide range of job opportunities across various stages of research and development. In this talk, Natasha will discuss the different types of job opportunities and career paths within this industry.

Dr. Krista Mitchnick

Krista obtained a PhD in Neuroscience (U of Guelph) where she investigated mechanisms of learning and memory in rodents. Having always been torn between basic research and clinical work, Krista then completed a PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology (York U) where she obtained practical clinical training in various clinics and hospitals and her research assessed perception and memory in brain damaged individuals. Presently, Krista is a postdoctoral fellow (Baycrest Academy) investigating individual differences in memory styles. Clinically, she continues to conduct neuropsychological assessments for individuals across the lifespan in private practice.


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