The Eastern Ontario Innovation Corridor (EOIC) connects startups and SMEs to business resources, support and learning networks across Eastern Ontario in one all-inclusive system.

The EOIC was created in 2020 to establish Eastern Ontario as a leading, forward-thinking innovation district within Canada, attracting homegrown and global talent.

Today, the EOIC is a collective of high-impact business resources, support and education spanning Eastern Ontario that offers a one-stop support system for SMEs looking to launch, scale or break into international markets.

What Makes the EOIC so Unique?

While other parts of Ontario concentrate their support within their respective regions, the EOIC combines the strengths of select communities across all of Eastern Ontario to create a stronger, more robust, more collaborative network of support for entrepreneurs and companies.

The EOIC has created an open forum in Eastern Ontario for communities to discuss ways to enhance individual innovation ecosystems, cross-promote each other’s success stories and support each other in attracting and growing innovation.

What We Do

Drive Innovation Forward

  • Support startups and SMEs to scale and expand into new markets and gain a global competitive advantage
  • Provide programming designed to assist international entrepreneurs and companies in establishing themselves in the Canadian market
  • Educate and guide startups, SMEs and international businesses through the adoption of digital and transformative technology solutions like 4.0 industry solutions for business sustainability and growth
  • Provide programming and one-on-one mentorship and advisory for addressing business challenges and securing opportunities for growth
  • Support for unrepresented groups in business such as women, indigenous, francophone and newcomers to Canada

Foster Collaboration

  • Onboard and leverage the skills and expertise of economic and community players within one all-encompassing system to support the growth and scale of startups, SMEs and global businesses
  • Implement an adequate infrastructure utilizing technology and best practices for driving innovation forward

Promote Key Sectors

  • Collaborate with community partners and organizations to find solutions to industry challenges
  • Attract international startups, SMEs and talent with skills, solutions and products that will strengthen and future-proof sectors that are critical to economic recovery through highlighting success stories and strengths
  • Enhance cross-sector collaboration to find progressive opportunities for driving innovation Foster opportunities for local organizations to collectively address the Sustainable Development Goals and find solutions for driving social impact

Introduce Welcoming Communities

  • Market the global competitive advantage of doing business in Eastern Ontario to attract and retain businesses
  • Promote the EOIC as a connected ecosystem of industry, government, academic, investing and innovation partners that support and provide resources for startups and SMEs Showcase our cluster of world-class academic institutions for R&D and talent Highlight the competitive operating costs to support existing businesses and attract new ones
  • Market the collective business support for local and international businesses Showcase the EOIC as home to the two fastest-growing cities in Canada, Oshawa and Belleville
  • Elevate the unique advantage of living and working in rural communities that are near three of Canada’s largest markets: Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal


Our partners are the keys to driving innovation forward, providing startups and SMEs with access to talent, industry leaders, community connections and education, research and development and funding opportunities.


Our members are enthusiastic and engaged organizations, who attend events and actively network within the ecosystem.

Our Steering Committee Is Accountable For Achieving The Mission, Vision And Objectives Of The EOIC


EOIC Business Development Manager


EOIC Community Development Manager


CEO of Spark Centre


Director of Marketing Spark Centre


Program Manager / Partnerships-Sponsorships,
Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce


National Business Manager
Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce


CEO & EIR of LaunchLab


General Manager of LaunchLab


Partnerships Development Officer of Queens University


Senior Director, Research and Innovation Partnerships of Queens University

Rosalind Lockyer


CEO & Founder of PARO Centre


Lead Regional Coordinator
of PARO Centre

Barberstock, PHd.

President & CEO of Okwaho Equal Source

Ryan ‘Rye’

Co-Founder, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of Okwaho Equal Source

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